Tender Bridge is a ‘god send’. It puts it all together for us. We have found a number of funds and been successful. (NSW Government School)
The concept of Tender Bridge is wonderful - the resource is a once-stop-shop. It keeps me informed about things that might be on the radar that we could chase. (VIC Government School)
I don't think we connect well with philanthropy. Before Tender Bridge I didn't really understand the aims or opportunities in philanthropy at all. (SA Government School)
Just wanted to say thank you for developing such a wonderful service. Schools are stretched in terms of resources, and to have this facility available, it effectively outsources some of our workload. (NSW Government School)
Hi people. I remain impressed. (QLD Independent School)
Thank you for a great seminar, it was good to meet you. (VIC Independent School)
Thank you for the follow up notes. I would like to say again that the presentation you gave was fantastic. (NSW Government School)
I’m excited about attending. I am one of those many teachers who tries to attract funding to my school to engage the kids in projects which they would otherwise miss out on. To provide PD in this area is a great initiative! (VIC Government School)
I have received MYALERT which is a very useful way for us to review the relevant opportunities for our school (WA Government School)
Fantastic - great time-saving idea [MYALERT] (VIC Catholic School)
The Ian Potter Foundation supports education and school based projects through a number of our funding programs. We do not directly fund schools but instead expect that schools work in partnership with charitable organisations in applying for our funds. The Tender Bridge is a great vehicle for the Foundation in helping us better inform schools of the way we work and how we fund, and for linking schools to an ever increasing number of potential funding partners.
(Janet Hirst, Chief Executive Officer, The Ian Potter Foundation,
Having been on the Tenderbridge journey from its early stages and having spoken with a large number of those keen to benefit from this powerful new resource, the Ross Trust welcomes this important new service to schools throughout Australia and applauds the ACER along with Michelle Anderson and Emma Curtin for their efforts in achieving such a great outcome.
(Austin Paterson, Former Chief Executive Officer, The R E Ross Trust
Congratulations on putting this together and I hope it continues to grow and receive praise.
(Dr Max Bini, Tertiary Education Consultant, Vision Australia
I really am encouraged by what you are doing and see that it is meeting a real need
within the sector so well done!
(Bruce Argyle, Philanthropy Australia,
Thanks for your email, our entry looks great.
(Jodie Grundy, Community Project Officer – Youth, Camden Council, NSW
Thank you for listing our grant on the Tender Bridge website and for alerting us to this great opportunity
to make it easier for schools to find relevant funding.
(Lian Wilson, General Manager Learning Strategy Zoos Victoria,
From Alan Barton: This is a good initiative
(Project Manager Devolved Grants Project Tasmanian Landcare Association
It is great to hear about ACER and your efforts to link schools with funding or sponsorship opportunities. The opportunity to be featured on an educational website or in a program is wonderful.
(Nicole Clarke, Sponsorship and Relationship Marketing Coordinator, Perth Property Group,