About Tender Bridge
Tender Bridge gives you access to a dynamic searchable database of funds that schools can apply for, either independently or in concert with other organisations, as well as information about grant-seeking or partnering.

Education-related grants, scholarships and sponsorships from business, philanthropy, universities and government (at all levels) are sourced and updated weekly.
A succinct explanation of Tender Bridge services is provided by a 90-second animation at http://vimeo.com/40635633 or click on the image at the top right of this page - it's a great tool for sharing with others in your school to explain what Tender Bridge is all about.

What will I get if I subscribe to Tender Bridge?
As a Tender Bridge subscriber, you will receive a weekly state/territory alert of Tender Bridge information and updated funds added to the database or updated within the last 7 days.​ 
Alerts are sent to your inbox every Monday. You can add in extra email addresses of other teachers or parents in you school involved in grant-seeking too to receive the weekly alerts too.

Please note this is a moderated membership. You will be added to the email newsletter subscriber list and should receive your first email on the following Monday morning.
Read the Tender Bridge Terms and Conditions.

Why subscribe?
  1. Fundraising ideas come to you
    On your behalf, highly skilled staff do the ‘leg work’ to find relevant funds that schools or schools in partnership with others are eligible to apply for. We use multiple sources (web, media alerts & relationships developed with funders) to identify new funds, saving you time and effort in having to ‘weed out’ irrelevant funds.
  2. Up-to-date, verified information
    We do weekly updates (Sunday evenings). Our database is always changing in the total number of funds open making our website dynamic and clearly defined for subscribers. Every fund entered on the database is sent to the funder for verification and amendment (if necessary).
  3. Funds relevant to schools
    The ‘fields’ of information on each entry were identified from a scoping study with school leaders. The database includes sources from philanthropy, not-for-profit, business and government (federal, state and local).
  4. Personalised support
    We can provide an introductory tutorial to assist you in making effective use of the various search strategies. 
    We are committed to being responsive to our subscribers.
  5. More support for fundraising
    Subscribers have access to online professional development tools, such as education relevant explanations of philanthropic eligibility requirements and how to write for success.